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Since our beginning , the unit has been engaged in projects concerning implementation of the innovation system in the region, education and entreprenerial activities. Currently, the Innovation and Knowledge Transfer Unit is engaged in the vocational education - „Nowoczesna Szkoła Zawodowa – Nowoczesny Region” ( The Innovative Vocational Trainship – the Innovative Region) . Secondly, together with the World Bank works over the lagging regions initiatives. The unit also takes part as the associated partner in the Horizont 2020 called Reg-Health.

So far we have realized:

  • Project JobTown, URBACT- project implemented to improve the situation of young people in the labour market and increase their chances of developing and obtaining employment. The project involved  11   cities in 9 countries in Europe.
  • Persepktywy RSI Świętokrzyskie IV etap ( Perspectives of the Regional Innovation Strategy – IV stage);
  • Perspektywy RSI Świętokrzyskie III etap ( Perspectives of the Regional Innovation Strategy – III stage);
  • Perspektywy RSI Świetokrzyskie II etap ( Perspective of the Regional Innovation Strategy – II stage);
Date of publication: Monday, 20 June 2016

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