Swietokrzyskie Innovation System - Modern Agriculture and Food Processing

An important specialisation of the economy of the Świętokrzyskie Province is modern agriculture and food processing. The production of this sector in 2013 represented 16% of the total sales value of the Province.

The region occupies a leading position in Poland in terms of fruit and vegetable production, and especially the production of apples. Meat, dairy, flour milling, confectionery and fruit and vegetable processing industries are dynamically developing. New processing plants with modern technological facilities are established. Export potential of the industry, which successfully finds new markets, is still increasing. Alongside the recognised and leading food companies, small, specialised establishments appear that offer technologically advanced products, including freeze-dried food.

The coordinator of the specialisation implementation of modern agriculture and food processing is Ośrodek Promowania Przedsiębiorczości Rolnej [the Centre for the Promotion of Agricultural Entrepreneurship] in Sandomierz.

Date of publication: Tuesday, 21 June 2016

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