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Swietokrzyskie Innovation System - The Jobtown Project

The Jobtown ProjectEurope presents a number of unemployed young people twice higher than a total population of employed people. The Jobtown Project is an answer for aforesaid situation. Kielce and 10 other cities, using funds received from The European Union, sets connection web between those European cities, which create effective methods of cooperation to promote employment of young people.

What is The Jobtown Project?

Jobtown is a partner project, established to improve situation of young people looking for job and to improve their chances to develop themselves and to find a job. 11 European cities participate in the project.

What exactly is the project about?

Project is realized in co-operation of public administration, employment market supply institutions and non-government organizations. Each partner prepares the local plan of acting to improve the situation of young people in their regions, using experience of other partners and knowledge of experts. To comply with that, partners hold regular meetings and work in workgroups.

Five most important purposes of Jobtown Project

While performing the project, partner cities will concentrate especially on:

  • Effective development of co-operation model,
  • Implementation of an education and carrier education to local employment market needs,
  • Improvement of analysis and forecasts of employment market in order to comply employment with employment market needs,
  • Entrepreneurship – supply, creation and development of working places, self-employment promotion,
  • Social economy and human resources management,

Role of The Marshal’s Office and The Bureau of Innovation

The Marshal’s Office has special status of Partner – Managing Organization.

Last year, The Local Group of Supply of Program URBACT was established. It associates institutions and entrepreneurs, which usually operate on entrepreneurship and innovation grounds. Members of The Group together create the Local Acting Plan, which consists in an attempt to define the most effective actions, which should be taken to supply employment of young people and to improve their chances on work market. By will of the Marshal’s Office, members of The Bureau of Innovation actively participate in its works.

Which cities participae in Jobtown Project?

In participation of Jobtown Project, in spite of Kielce engaged also cities form: Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Cyprus, Hungary, Portugal, Spain and France.

More information is available on WWW site:


Date of publication: Thursday, 27 March 2014

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